Ahmad K Al-Khateeb

Process Developer | PSM II | Test Automation & Test Engineer

Dedicated professional with over 10 years of experience in Agile companies. He is a passionate test leader, Tech Lead and DevOps lead who is committed to helping teams and organizations implement and leverage industry best practices to achieve business objectives and enhance customer satisfaction. Ahmad has a strong leadership background, having held the role of Test Lead, Process developer, and DevOps Lead with a focus on quality first in the software industry.

Previous roles

Process developer

Nexer Group | 2023 - Ongoing

As a consultant, my assignment at DRT Solutions, I collaborate with a compact development team, contributing to the enhancement of software development CI/CD processes. My roles encompass acting as a Scrum Master, Release Manager, Process Developer, Test Automation Engineer, Change Driver, and Test Manager. I designed and implemented the release process by first implementing industry best practises with pull requests, PR reviews, branching and branch protection. Also designed and implemented automated testing and automated lint, build, deploy and test the software. My toolbox have consisted of Cypress.io, GitHub, GitHub actions, and Jenkins.

Quality assurance lead

Bygghemma AB | 2022 - 2023

Responsible for the overall quality of eight e-commerce websites and all internal systems needed to maintain the business in high quality. Working directly under the CTO. Helped the team gain better understanding and implement automatic testing of front-end release builds. Also lead the organization in testing internal tools and components as well as exploratory testing of the e-commerce platforms.

Senior QA Engineer

Avalanche Studio | 2021

Focusing on manual testing of an "Early Access" video game produced in an in-house game engine. Finding, reporting, regressing, and closing bugs of any kind.

Embedded QA Engineer

Ghost Games | 2017-2018

Worked on the well-known game franchise of Need for Speed. Embedded in a feature team that focused on creating game events. Working alongside programmers, artists, and game and level designers, to take a feature from idea to production.

DevOps QA Engineer

Ubisoft Abu Dhabi | 2015-2017

Part of the DevOps team where I worked mainly alongside the Community Manager and Development QA. Validating issue reports of players and reporting back to the development team with as much info as I can find on the issue.

Junior QA Analyst

Massive Entertainment | 2014-2015

Worked in the Embedded Quality Assurance team as part of the Audio Testing team. Later worked with the Intellectual Property team to ensure alignment with the Tom Clancy franchise.


Game Level Design

The Game Assembly | 2012-2014

Think of a video game level designer as the software architect for the game's world. They design the "levels" which are like individual programs within the game. They use the game's building blocks (mechanics, art, etc.) to create a sequence of challenges and experiences that keeps the player engaged. They focus on user flow, pacing, and functionality to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience from start to finish.

Military Officer

Military Academy of Halmstad | 2013-2014

Officer program in for the army in the Swedish Armed Forces, Tanks Division (Ingelstad and later Wartofta Company). The key takeaways from this into the civil world are mainly leadership training derived from evidance based research, discipline, and the ability to work under pressure. The ability to create and lead a team and make decisions that are in line with the mission goal.


The human

Outside of work, I thrive on creativity and have a passion for interior design and photography. As a hobby photographer, I love capturing moments and finding beauty in everyday life situational photography as well as portrait. Music is another major part of my life; I enjoy listening to diverse genres, especially world/ethnic music, Jazz, and Classical. I'm also fascinated by music theory and enjoy discussing it, and I try my hand at playing the drums.
Spending quality time with friends and family is very important to me. Above all, I cherish my role as a father to a wonderful child and two adorable doggos.


The creative

As showcased above in the gallery, I have a passion for humans. I also have a huge interest for music creation and playing various instruments. The main instruments I play are in the rythem section of any track, whether it's a dumbek, djembe, tamburine or a full drumset.
Here under, I have a few examples of my work in wood and interor design. Everything is designed and built by me.
I do not have a formal education in interior design, but I have a passion for it. I have a few projects that I have done for myself and friends, as well as some projects for clients. I do not accept any new clients.